Tanya was able to accomplish something that 15 years of Surgery, Orthopedic Physicians, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors, were unable to fix. Prior to having Acupuncture on my knee I could not walk across campus without pain and a knee brace. Within one month of treatment the pain was greatly reduced. Two months later I was no longer restricted from any daily activities with my knee, and did not require a brace.


I met Tanya when she was a student at Rainstar University and became her first patient when she opened up her practice. Over the last 9 years, she has treated me for asthma, pneumonia and severe shoulder and back pain with unbelievable success. She is now my first source for treatment. I love to send referrals because I know they will be happy.


I have been treated at The Acupuncture Clinic for several years. Among other painful situations, I have had debilitating carpal tunnel symptoms that were making it impossible for me to hold a book, hold my cell phone and make calls, even hold a cup of coffee. It was also affecting my ability to sleep as well. At the time I was taking an online course, and it became impossible for me to type. Tanya set out on a series of treatments using a combination of acupuncture and massage therapy that was successful in removing, layer by layer, the almost unbearable pain in my hand. After a series of bi-weekly treatments, my hand was finally symptom and pain free, and has remained so for over two years. Later I developed spasms in my hip area. Tanya was able to relieve this painful situation that had made it hard for me to sit for any length of time. Though I have now developed carpal tunnel symptoms of severe numbness and tingling in my other hand, I am confident that Tanya will be able to free me from pain and return me to normal function in my dominant hand. I rely on her to keep me pain free with her extensive knowledge of acupuncture, massage therapy, and herbal medicine. She is a genius!


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