Prices Acupuncture

Please note that our pricing for acupuncture includes acupuncture as well as manual modalities and nutritional and herbal counseling included in one fee. If the patient does not wish to have acupuncture, separate pricing for individual modalities follow.

Treatment And Consultation Fee

Initial Consult and First Treatment 90 Minutes

Followup Acupuncture Treatment 60 minutes

Followup Acupressure/Massage Treatment 60 minutes

Acupuncture Stress Reduction Treatment 30 minutes

Cupping or Gua sha Treatment 30 minutes

Herbal Consultation 75 minutes

Herbal consultation Followup






$95.00 + cost of herbs

$55.00 + cost of herbs

Salt Therapy Pricing

Single Session

Introductory Special

5 Sessions

10 Sessions

$55.00 (45 Minutes)

$30.00 (45 Minutes) (first time patients only)

($25.00 ea.)

($20.00 ea.)

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