Get Salted! For Your Health!

NaCl,  Sodium Chloride – SALT!  Possibly one of the most amazing chemical compounds in the universe, and the next essential for Life on earth, except for H2O -Water!    Yet so many health professionals give salt a really bad reputation.  Don’t eat too much! It will raise your blood pressure, Don’t drink it! You will dehydrate.  This may all be true, but there are some really excellent reasons to have more salt in your life.

Did you know, that without consuming any salt or without enough salt you could die?

Or did you also know, that if you breath salt it is actually healthy?,  Breathing salt regularly, could possibly solve issue such as asthma and allergies, and ease the pain of other breathing disorders such as COPD.

Or even better, did you know that salt Is wonderful for your skin, and could keep you looking younger longer?

You see, salt is naturally one of the most anti-microbial and anti-Bacterial substances on earth.  It’s the reason it has been used throughout history to cure and keep foods from spoiling, and it can do the same thing for your lungs and your skin.

When salt is inhaled it kills bacteria in your lungs, cleaning out toxins and pollution that you inhale on a daily basis.  It also absorbs mucus and moisture helping the lungs to dilate giving you more breathing capacity.

Salt used regularly on the skin helps to exfoliate, and kill bacteria that forms acne, keeping skin clear and giving it a healthy glow, leaving you looking refreshed while combating the aging process.

So the next time someone tells you salt is bad for you, you may want to beg to differ, and impress them with these tidbits of health information.

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