Chronic Pain Coaching

Have you suffered from chronic pain for a long time?  Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, and nothing is working for you?  If you are not sure where to start, you are in the right place!  For most with chronic pain, the sense of hopelessness and frustration can be overwhelming.  So much that it begins to cloud other areas of your life, not just coping with the pain. 

If you are looking for a support network and to feel a connection with others in your situation, this may be the program you’ve been looking for!  There are ways to heal naturally and with new insight.  It’s never easy, but we can help.  We’ve been there.

10-Week Program

Our 10-week core program is designed to help you understand chronic pain and techniques for you to get it under control.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the program:

  • Week 1: Understanding Anatomy & Physiology of Pain
  • Week 2: Pain & the Brain
  • Week 3: What Stops Us from Healing Chronic Pain
  • Week 4: Conquering Physical Aspects of Pain
  • Week 5: Conquering the Mental Aspects of Pain
  • Week 6: Conquering the Emotional Aspects of Pain
  • Week 7: Daily Practices for Physical Pain Management
  • Week 8: Daily Practices for Mental Pain Management
  • Week 9:  Natural Pain Killers & Diet Therapy
  • Week 10: Putting It All Together-Mindfulness, Willpower, & Habit Change
Find Balance & Peace


  • Group Chronic Pain Coaching (10-week program):  $1250.00  (Each session is 90  minutes, 15 hours total)
  • (BONUS!  CBD Consult included at no charge! $250 in value!)
  • Individual Chronic Pain Coaching: $195/hour

Package pricing is also available for individual coaching:

  • 4 sessions:  $775
  • 8 sessions:  $1500
  • 12 sessions:  $1950
  • 24 sessions:  $3500

Call for availability and times.