Acupuncture & Other Services

By placing extremely fine needles at certain points along the meridians, the acupuncturist can assist in restoring the proper balance and flow of Qi, allowing your body and its organ systems to have the optimal opportunity to achieve or maintain health. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine create a strong support system so disease does not have the opportunity to become established in your body. The result of the routine treatment is a strong resilient body with calm, balanced energy. Treatments may also include: Moxibustion, Gua Sha, Tui Na, Cupping, and Accupressure (see below).


Traditional Moxibustion involves burning of Mugwort herb over specific acupuncture points, in order to warm the meridian and enhance circulation of Qi throughout the body. This method is very effective when treating any type of cold invasion in the body.

In modern times, in order to reduce any risk to our patients of scarring from burning Mugwart, our clinic uses state of the art far infrared TDP Lamps, and Smokeless Moxa, to achieve the same effect.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an age-old tradition of scraping or applying pressure in areas of pain with a thin wooden, plastic, or metal tool. By repeated scrapping of the skin old injuries with scar tissue can be broken up and healed due to the extreme influx of circulation to the area.

Tui Na

Tui Na or “Push Pull” technique was the ancient precursor to modern chiropractic techniques. It involves the pushing and pulling of anatomy and other types of soft tissue manipulation in order to facilitate proper Qi flow and Body Alignment. This technique can be very useful when there are structural issues causing imbalance in the body.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs or nutritional supplements are recommended by the acupuncturist as needed to aid in the treatment of your condition and serve to increase the effectiveness of acupuncture. They may be in pill, tincture, or topical form.

In cases where food therapy is not enough, we often employ the powerful healing of Chinese herbal formulas to treat internal disease. Many of these formulas have been used for thousands of years without side effects to bring patients back to balance and homeostasis. Our herbal formulas come from the best companies in the world and are safe, clinically tested for heavy metals, and manufactured with the highest safety standards in the industry.


Cupping involves deep stretching of the tissue by suctioning glass cups of various sizes to the body. The cups are typically placed in areas of restricted scar tissue or muscle tension. Applying cups and allowing for a long hold stretch on the tissue, not only benefits the muscle fiber, but also benefits the muscle caseing or Fascia.

This technique will draw an intense amount of circulation to the area by pulling blood into the capillary beds in the area being addressed. This causes a red mark to appear that may look like a bruise, but unlike a bruise it is not painful and does not damage the tissue.

The marks fade quickly, and the result is healthier more relaxed muscle tissue and reduced scarring. This Technique is much gentler than gua sha, or many popular deep tissue techniques, yet has a profound effect on chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, post-surgical scar tissue pain and neuropathies.

Nutritional & Dietary Counseling

Chinese medicine believes that all foods have healing ability for the body. Each food has energetic qualities that can balance and heal disease. Our Clinic uses ancient and contemporary food theory to heal the body instead of going directly to pharmaceutical substitutes or even before Chinese Herbal Medicine in some cases.

We believe in teaching our patients the benefits of healthy eating habits that become a lifestyle rather than a “fad diet”. We use foods not only to assist our patients with weight loss, but also to bring them into a complete healthy state of being.


Acupressure is a technique that is like acupuncture but does not involve needling or breaking the skin. Pressure or massage techniques are applied to the acupuncture points to effect change in the balance of qi in the body, and to bring it back into a state of homeostasis.

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