Cupping involves deep stretching of the tissue by suctioning glass cups of various sizes to the body. The cups are typically placed in areas of restricted scar tissue or muscle tension. Applying cups and allowing for a long hold stretch on the tissue, not only benefits the muscle fiber, but also benefits the muscle caseing or Fascia.

This technique will draw an intense amount of circulation to the area by pulling blood into the capillary beds in the area being addressed. This causes a red mark to appear that may look like a bruise, but unlike a bruise it is not painful and does not damage the tissue.

The marks fade quickly an the result is healthier more relaxed muscle tissue and reduced scarring. This Technique is much gentler than gua sha, or many popular deep tissue techniques, yet has a profound effect on chronic pain conditions such as fibro myalgia, post surgical scar tissue pain and neuropathies.

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