Welcome to the Acupuncture Center in Mesa Arizona.

Are you having health issues that are affecting your quality of life? Are you dissatisfied with other treatments you have tried?  Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is an age old system of treating the entire body to bring back balance, Harmony and Quality of life by helping the body to heal itself.

At The Acupuncture Center, our approach to balance, health and healing begins by getting to the core of the health issue and not just treating symptoms.  Using a system of Traditional Chinese Medical Pattern diagnosis, and a comprehensive Treatment plan we help you move your body and your life towards a natural state of wellness.

Everyone’s body is different. Our practitioners draw on a wide range of modalities to design a treatment plan that pays attention to your body and your needs and offers you the highest chance for healing.


Call us at 480-641-5353 or email us here.. We are happy to answer questions and talk about which of our services might be right for you.

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Come in and see us! Allow yourself to relax and take a time out in our nurturing, stress-free environment.  Come see just how relaxing and pain free acupuncture can be.